"One link in the chain of mass communication"

"One link in the chain of mass communication"

Grenada Citizen Band Club :-

The Grenada Citizens Band Club was started in 1985 by a group of C.B operators residing mainly in the parish of St. George’s. On the 30th, March 1992 the club was registered under the friendly societies ordinance chapter 131 of the revised laws of Grenada, 1958.


The activities and operations of the club are governed by a constitution of 11 Articles and 33 Sections. Aside from these enactments the G.C.B.C also utilizes international codes to assist in transmission, e.g. 10-codes, Q-codes, spelling alphabet and the customized G.C.B.C phone number code system to facilitate in the passage of telephone numbers on air.



Our major project under taken by our Organsation is called Operation X (Operation Exchange ). After Hurricane Ivan smash Grenada in 2004  RRL{Radio Rainbow League} of St Vincent and our Club plan the training and exercise between  the two Islands in 2006 . And building of Houses for senior Citizen in Grenada after the passing of Hurricane Ivan  September 7th 2004.

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